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Differences between Roll Stock VFFS and Customized Premade Pouch

Jul. 16, 2021

Differences between Roll Stock VFFS and Customized Premade Pouch

A roll stock vffs packing machine is capable of automatically packing various feature products from roll stock into package. Premade pouch fill and seal machine utilizes already premade customized bags, so no roll stock is required.

There are four main differences between roll stock and premade pouch.

1. The cost of packaging equipment and materials.

The cost of packaging materials depends on many variables and is difficult to estimate. However, According to our film supplier partners, we found that premade bags usually cost more than rollstock films.

When it comes to packaging equipment, a premade bag packing machine may require a higher initial investment than a vffs form filling sealed packaging machine. As with every capital purchase, the money you pay in advance is important, but in the long run, many other factors will affect the total cost of ownership of packaging equipment.

2. The capability of packing speed.

If packaging speed is your top priority, vffs form filling and sealing machines tend to beat preformed bag filling and sealing equipment.

In the field of packaging, the improvement of speed sometimes means sacrificing some flexibility: in high-speed packaging, the style of bags must be simpler, and the initial investment requirement is often higher than a considerable amount when purchasing speed optimized packaging machines.

3. The waste of film and your product.

When operating a vffs form filling seal packer, you become your own bag manufacturer. A large roll of packaging film, called rollstock, is sent to your factory.During the packaging creation process, vffs packaging machinery will generates waste (packaging and products) during machine installation, calibration and conversion

4. The convinence and flexibility of different bag types

If you want to make many different pouch sizes, shapes, or styles and need to replace them multiple times in the same day, the automatic pouch packer is more suitable for short-term operation and flexibility you need.

If you have longer runs and higher yields, with only one to four standard bag sizes or styles, a VFFS machine is a better choice.




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